About Wade

God. Family. Country. Neighbor. Wade's values are true to his Tennessee home. He grew up in the church and studied religion in Nashville. He began his career of serving others at an international pediatric cancer research hospital in Boston. Then, he came home to Tennessee to lead a ministry that seeks justice for victims of religious persecution, human trafficking, and other violent crimes.

Wade is an Eagle Scout and a member of several local, statewide, and international non-profit organizations. Eleanor (3) and Ames (1) are his primary campaign consultants. They live in historic downtown Springfield, Tennessee.

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I’m running to be your State Senator because extreme politics have forced Tennesseans to give up on our government and lose faith in our elected leaders. That’s why we have the lowest rate of voter participation in the country. Together, we can solve our biggest problems. We can help our neighbors. We can show others that public service matters more than partisanship. I hope you’ll join our campaign today so that we can move Tennessee forward. Let’s build a better future for the next generation. Let’s do it together.