Sharecropper roots. Tennessee values. 


Read our campaign vision for Robertson, Cheatham, Dickson, Hickman and Humphreys counties.


Healthcare for all.

Our taxes are subsidizing health care in 33 states in 2018. Kentucky didn't even send a thank you note. I support Medicaid expansion in Tennessee. It's neither a conservative nor a liberal issue: It's our money.

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Higher wage jobs.

We have more minimum wage jobs than any other state in the U.S. That means more adults are spending more time at work and less time at the dinner table with their families. 

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Improving our schools.

Our public schools must become great institutions of learning. Teachers need higher pay and less out of pocket expenses for the classroom. Investing in public education will guarantee success.

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Keep Tennessee Green.

Tennessee is known for the Mississippi River, the Great Smoky Mountains, and the green hills and farms in between. We won't sell our natural beauty off to the highest bidder.

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I'm running for the State Senate because I believe in growing the economy in rural parts of Tennessee, protecting the middle class, and doing everything we can to alleviate rural poverty. More than half of Tennesseans are tired of subsidizing health insurance for other states, but our lawmakers will not expand Medicaid. We've lost billions of dollars on this deal. We have the highest number of minimum wage jobs, but our elected officials have done nothing to address stagnant wages. Instead, our legislators are engaged in the worst part of politics - belittling others and ignoring their concerns. I'm running for the State Senate to change all that.

The Path to Victory

We know that we have a tough road ahead, but we never back down. We have a vision for how our government should respond to today's challenges, and we have a plan that can bring that voice and vision to the State Senate. Read about our plan and our team.